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Haunted State - Blu-Ray

Haunted State - Blu-Ray

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A journey investigating some of Wisconsin's most historic buildings and investigating the paranormal folklore inside. Is history alive? Is the paranormal explainable? Does scientific equipment exist that allow us to communicate with "ghosts"? Watch and listen as paranormal evidence is unearthed in this historical and paranormal feature-length documentary.

Wisconsin Locations in the film include: The former Pabst Brewery in Milwaukee, which dates back to the 1850’s, The Stone Cellar Brew Pub in Appleton built in 1859, along with Wisconsin Rapids and Merrill, Wisconsin. Paranormal expert Dave Schrader guides you through the adventure with his expertise. Dave is the host of “Darkness Radio” and also a frequent guest of the Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures” and a fill-in host of “Coast to Coast AM”.